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Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency

Inclusive Play & Childcare

Ready, Steady, Play! A National Play Policy

A comprehensive document which provides a framework for future developments such as partnership approaches, developing a play infrastructure, safety requirements and funding arrangements

The National Children’s Office 2004


It Doesn’t Just Happen Inclusive Management for Inclusive Play

A step-by-step guide to the process of planning and managing inclusive play.

Kidsactive 2002


Developing Accessible Play Space A Good Practice Guide

This guide gives advice which can be tailored to individual settings on developing accessible play space which disabled children can use.

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (UK)


Creating Inclusive Childcare Facilities Design Solutions Package

This is a valuable and user-friendly guide to support the design of inclusive childcare facilities.

The Centre for Universal Design College of Design, North Carolina State University 2003


Why Should We Make All Playgrounds Accessible To Kids With Disabilities? and Access To Play Areas

These documents provide a context and information on inclusive play and accessible play spaces

The National Centre on Accessibility (US)


Sensory Design

Information on creating landscapes that offer a wide range of sensory experiences to people with disabilities.

Sensory Trust 2003


Books for Children 

(List compiled by Include Us Network, South Dublin) Special Stories by Kate Gaynor (2006?), Pub. Special Stories, Dublin

  1. A Family for Sammy - Foster Care
  2. Joe’s Special Story - Adoption
  3. The Lost Puppy  - Mobility
  4. The Bravest Girl in School - Diabetes
  5. First Place - Speech
  6. The Winner - Asthma
  7. The Famous Hat - Childhood Cancer

The Giraffe Who Came to Dinner by Patrice Aggs, (1999), The O’Brien Press, Dublin

All Kinds of People – a Lift-the-flap Book by Emma Damon (1995), Tango Books, London

All Kinds of Beliefs – a Lift-the-flap Book by Emma Damon (2000), Tango Books, London

First Experiences by Anne Civardi (2001), Usborne Publishing, London

My Best Friend by Pat Hutchins (1995), Red Fox, London

We’re Going on  Lion Hunt by David Axtell (2000), Macmilan, London

Acker Backa Boo! by Opal Dunn (2000), Frances Lincoln, London

Susan Laughs by Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross (1999), Random House Children’s Books, London

Nini at Carnival by Errol Lloyd (1995), Random House Children’s Books, London

The Animal Boogie by Herbie Harter (2000), Barefoot Books, U.K

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky by Susan Jeffers (1991), Puffin,  U.S.

What If? by A.H. Benjamin & Jane Chapman (1996), Blackwater Press, Dublin

Children’s Books for Special Needs – Family Life (2000) The National Children’s Resource Centre, Barnardos and Fingal County Libraries

Chiildren’s Books for Special Needs – Bullying (2000) Barnardos’ NCRC and Fingal County Libraries

Boots for a bridesmaid by Verna Allette Wilkins (2003), Tamarind (Spinal Injuries Association)

Look What I can Do by Catherine & Laurence Anholt (1998), Mammoth, London

Mama Zooms by Jane Cowen-Fletcher (1993), Scholastic Inc., U.S.

Don’t Call Me Special by Pat Thomas, (2001), Barron’s, U.K.

My Brother Sammy by Becky Edwards & David Armitage, (2000),  Bloomsbury, London

My Picture Atlas – Essential facts about every country in the world  by Roger Priddy, Pub. Priddy Books  ISBN 1-84332-127-0

The Earth from the Air for Children by Yann Arthur-Bertrand (2002) Thames & Hudson, U.K. 

Playful World: A selection of games from around the world (2008), Kildare County Childcare Committee, funded by The Irish Government under the National Childcare Investment Programme 2006-2010.

Grandfather and I by Helen E. Buckley & Jan Ormerod (1994), Harper Trophy,  U.S.A.

My First Book of Sign Language by Joan Holub (2002), Whistlestop, U.S.A.