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Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency


Guide to the Employment Equality Acts

The Equality Authority published this guide to explain all of your employment equality rights.


Building an Inclusive Workplace

A consultation paper looking at issues impacting upon the workplace and future developments, including equality legislation and the meaning of a diverse workforce.

The Equality Authority 2004


Able To Work

Including disabled people within the Services for the Unemployed Measure. A report by ADM looking at issues of disability & unemployment and the ways forward.

ADM 2003


Employers Making a Difference

A resource pack to assist in accessing the help and assistance that is there for employers who wish to employ people with a disability.

PWDI 2003


Disability Resource Pack

Positive action for the recruitment and retention of people with disabilities in the State Sector.

The Equality Authority


Ready, Willing and Able

An employers guide to hiring people with a disability

Able Access