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Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency


Advocacy A Rights Issue

The intention of this ‘Reflection Document’ is to raise awareness of the importance of advocacy in the struggle by disabled people for basic civil and human rights.

The Forum of People with Disabilities 2001


Advocacy A Rights Issue Information Leaflet 1

General information on the meaning of advocacy and how to get involved in advocacy.

The Forum of People with Disabilities 2001


An Introduction to Advocacy Training Guide

A guide providing tools for people to start engaging in the advocacy process.

Ritu R. Sharma SARA Project


Developing and Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities

A comprehensive study of the views of Irish stakeholders and a review of international research. It sets out options and proposals for developing advocacy services for people with disabilities and the implications for Comhairle.

Comhairle 2004


The Jigsaw of Advocacy

This report analyses concepts of advocacy, bringing together examples of its practises both in services developing in Ireland and those abroad.

Comhairle 2003


Developing Advocacy Services

A report on the deliberations of Regional Consultation Fora.

Comhairle November 2002

Institute of Technology, Sligo 2004