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Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency


What this publication is about

Play for All aims to help Family Resource Centres (FRCs), Community Development Projects (CDPs) and other small community-based organisations to ensure that outdoor play facilities associated with their premises and centre-based activities, or any others that they use, are accessible and welcoming to all disabled children living in their local areas.


Sometimes community-based organisations can feel daunted by the topic and can find it hard to know where to start.


Play for All offers community-based projects:

  • Some ways of thinking about play and disability issues
  • Information on what to consider when planning a new outdoor play facility
  • Help concerning what to consider when choosing play items
  • Explanation of some terms relating to play and disability
  • A list of helpful organisations and publications.


What this publication is not

Play for All does not give much information about indoor play. It concentrates mostly on outdoor play facilities.


Play for All does not go into any detail about access legislation or how to provide better general access to premises and services for people with disabilities. For more information on these important topics get a free copy of Access Inside Out from DESSA (see How to find out more for contact details).