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Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency


As Chairperson of DESSA it gives me great pleasure to welcome the publication of Play for All: Providing Play Facilities for Disabled Children.


Play for All aims to support Community Development Projects, Family Resource Centres and other community development organisations in ensuring their play facilities are accessible and welcoming to all children. This publication should also be of assistance to planners, architects, local authority staff and interested individuals in understanding the challenges of inclusive play design. While many planners and architects are aware of inclusive design, there is still uncertainty regarding the design characteristics and elements of inclusive play spaces.


Play for All identifies ways to address play and disability issues and provides practical information in the design and outfitting of truly inclusive play spaces. It also demonstrates the importance of play for disabled children and distinguishes play from therapeutic activity.


According to the National Disability Strategy everyone has the right to participate in economic, social and cultural activities on an equal basis. It is our vision that all children will be given the opportunity to play together in challenging and fun environments, irrespective of their social backgrounds or level of ability.


Jacqui Browne
Chairperson DESSA