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Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency

2017 Achievements – Year at a Glance

Dissemination of information about work, education and training activities, and our programmes to 500 people with disabilities and families experiencing disability, FRCs, LDCs, disability service organisations, parent peer support groups and other relevant organisations.


Provision of information and representative advocacy support to 8 parents of disabled children and young people.


Provision of technical support and development of Mainstream Disability Network in Leitrim.


Facilitation of the Getting Included Network in south county Dublin involving 10 community organisations, eight disability service providers and South County Dublin Local Development Company.


Participation in the HSE VFM Transforming Lives Process Working Group 3 on Effective Participation in Decision-Making.


Implementation of the Empowering Parents Programme to 56 parents in Leitrim, Kerry, and Dublin. 


Implementation of the project, Community Inclusion, Capacity & Connection: A Community Development Approach to Local Area Co-ordination

  • Development of Personal Advocacy Plans for 52 participants
  • Provision of training in equality and mainstreaming to 80 staff and volunteers in over 40 community development and youth organisations.


Establishment of strategic partnerships and alliances  with Galway Autism Partnership, Waterford Children & Young People’s Services Committee, Kerry ETB and Grangegorman Area Based Childcare Network


Developing and embedding an inclusive policy and practice framework as a model of work with Waterford Children & Young People’s Services Committee